Tribulus terrestris

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Tribulus Terrestris is arguably one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market today and could thus not miss in our compilation of top 6 strongest aphrodisiacs herbs in the world.

It comes from a flowering plant called Tribulus terrestris Linn. This plant is native to the regions of Southern Asia that enjoy warm temperate and tropical climates. There, it’s widely known as “Ghokhru” and it’s included in a number of traditional medicinal formulas.

Tribulus terrestris is used to improve energy levels, enhance stamina, and improve sexual function. It is believed to support the maintenance of healthy levels of testosterone and reduce the incidence of impotence.

Tribulus is considered as a powerful aphrodisiac because of its action on blood vessels. Through prododioscin, its main compound, Tribulus dilates blood vessels leading to the penis so that there is more blood flow into the penis. The result is fuller erections that last long enough to enable the man perform his bedroom duties in better and more satisfying way.

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