Top 6 strongest aphrodisiacs herbs in the world

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Many people who struggle with the problem of reduced libido and sex drive prefer natural aphrodisiacs to pharmaceutical drugs. The most commonly used aphrodisiacs are extracts of herbs and plants known to arouse the sexual instinct, increase pleasure, and improve sexual and physical performance.

The word ‘aphrodisiac’ is derived from the Greek word eAphroditaei (the Greek goddess of love).

Here are top 6 strongest aphrodisiacs herbs in the world. They have been used for centuries in different locations of the world and re known for enhancing fertility and sexual performance. Also widly used for making aphrodisiacal drops, such as Spanish Fly Pro or others.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii)

Maca is a little starchy root from Peru that grows in some parts of the Andes. It is a dietary staple in the South American country but it’s becoming increasingly popular all over the world as a fertility booster for both men and women. The majority of Maca users report that this root helps to increase energy and stamina as well as to enhancelibido. You can now see why Maca is used in many sex enhancement supplements.

Many studies have been done on this Peruvian root to ascertain its aphrodisiac properties. A good number of these studies show that it contains two unique compounds — macaenes and macamides. According to researchers, these compounds contribute to the normalization of sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Maca also contains minerals, amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids that provide exceptional nutritional value. These substances support healthy hormone production.

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